When I was in my twenties and still in grad school, my brother-in-law, in the military at that time, sent me a new Japanese camera that he had purchased in Hong Kong - a Minolta SRT101 with an f/1.4 lens. With that generous gift I was hooked on photography,. The rich colors of Kodachrome slides and the selective focal depth of a wide aperture lens revealed a new world.

As a scientist, I worked with teams developing new electronic devices and gravitated to imaging technologies that could show what was going on when things went wrong. I had the privilege of working with the latest and greatest optical microscopes, electron microscopes, and x-ray diffraction tools to display defects in electronic materials. I was actually getting paid to take pictures with really cool equipment!

Now in retirement, my tools are Olympus and Leica hardware and Photoshop software. And now, instead of looking for defects I look for moments that tell a story. My wife and I enjoy traveling to photogenic locations and I like to photograph people and animals doing things. And I have a fondness for horses.

Bill Stacy

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